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Pearl is an art work long-nurtured by nature, until it obtains its unique shape. The same goes to a human: to become what we want to be means to cherish your most precious pearl – our health. Also, the beginning of a new life – the expected child – is like a small grain of sand, which grows into a wholesome pearl only if it is nurtured by healthy and happy parents. We, the doctors, are here to help this happen.

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“Alpino Pērle” is a medical practice offering services of a wide range of competent specialists, as well as various examinations. We can provide a comprehensive view on your health problems and in every situation we will find the most suitable solution. Our main goal is to use our knowledge and help to preserve and improve what is most important to you – your health.

We offer:

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  • A wide range of medical consultations and treatment methods.
  • Positive attitude and proper attention to your health.
  • Professionals who can be trusted not only professionally but also humanly.
  • Quick registry opportunities for consultations and examinations.
  • Support for expectant mothers and new mothers (including home visits).
  • Nice, harmonious and homely environment in a newly designed building (with an elevator).
  • Convenient access and an opportunity to park a car nearby.
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