Sarmīte Lazda, MD

Work hours can be changed.


● consultations on child care, child nutrition, and disease prevention from childbirth;

● referrals to examinations and treatment in cases of acute and chronic diseases

● home visits in Riga and Riga region, as agreed

When a child is born, the Earth becomes richer. Parents get to know him or her and do everything to make the child healthy, happy and well integrated into society. However, it often requires specific knowledge in a range of areas that are unfamiliar to both parents. We are ready to take responsibility for the health of your child and share our knowledge with you. First and foremost, it is a help in case your baby has fallen ill. But it's equally important to manage the child’s life so that the disease is prevented at the very beginning and - which is very important - so that parents do not suffer unnecessary worries and make their child’s life calm, confident and wise. Therefore, we pay much attention to education of parents.

Together we will give your child the best!

Doctor Sarmīte, as often she is called by little patients and their parents, is a longtime member of the Latvian Paediatric Association, who continues improvement of her knowledge by regular participation at various international seminars and congresses around the world. She is recommended by family friends, and parents come back to her with their third and fourth babies. As the patients say, the doctor "is focused on the result and pays close attention until it is achieved", so “I can be with peace of mind.” At the same time, as doctor Lazda says, she likes to listen and find the most suitable solution for every child, she likes to deal with difficult situations, and then rejoice at smiling babies and happy parents. And she is delighted to share her love with you.

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