Paediatrician is a specialist who advises children from birth to adolescence inclusive. Our practice offers services of a highly professional paediatrician who will take care of the health of your baby.

In our practice a visit to a paediatrician takes place an hour during which it is possible to receive a full investigation, to ask the paediatrician all questions on the child’s health, prevention of diseases, child development. When needed, the patient will be referred to additional investigations. In case of acute or chronic illness, a paediatrician will provide prompt and full investigation and treatment.

During the prenatal period, the paediatrician will provide individual or group counselling for expectant parents about the care and feeding of the baby in the first months of life.After the baby is born, the paediatrician will take a professional, interested, individual care by providing advices on the baby’s development, nutrition, nursing and disease prevention.

A paediatrician or a family physician employed by Alpino Pērle makes home visits to patients residing in Riga and Riga vicinity.

Paediatrician provides help in the following cases:

  • Child care;
  • Child nutrition;
  • Disease prevention in order to assess the development of a child in case of acute illness;
  • Chronic diseases.
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