The medical practice Alpino Pērle has entered into an agreement with the Health Payment Centre, which gives an opportunity for pregnant women to receive state-funded medical advices and ultrasounds from 8 weeks of pregnancy, in accordance with the Cabinet Regulations No 611 “The Procedure for Ensuring Assistance in Deliveries”.

Maternity care in practice Alpino Pērle covers the time from the beginning of pregnancy to the delivery, as well as during postnatal period. Pregnancy monitoring is performed by a gynaecologist during the entire pregnancy. During pregnancy we offer assistance of a qualified doctor individual approach to each pregnant woman.

A gynaecologist pays special attention to pregnant women with prematurity-related problems by conducting additional examinations after unsuccessful pregnancy to try to identify possible causes of miscarriage and to prevent their effects on future pregnancy.

Pregnant women undergo ultrasound, when necessary .At the end of pregnancy, the child’s well-being is monitored by a cardiotocograph. During the visits, a lot of time is dedicated to conversations and issues of interest to the pregnant woman.When delivery date is approaching, the doctor discusses with the mother-to-be the delivery process and helps to choose the place for delivery.In case of acute need, you can contact your gynaecologist by telephone.

Feel free to bring your husband and children to your maternity care visits. During the postnatal period it is possible to get advices on breastfeeding,postpartum complications and their treatment, the choice of contraception.

Pregnancy care is carried out by Inguna Kārkliņa MD, Lāsma Līdaka MD, Kristina Prostaka MD.

Ultrasound to pregnant women and 1st, 2nd Trimester Screening is performed by Inguna Kārkliņa MD

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